04 Aug

This sailing boat has the fuel tank in the keel, located under the engine, in the walk-in engine room. The fuel tank dip-stick is located in the secondary bilge, under the gearbox.

During a heavy rainstorm, a deck leak resulted in flooding of this secondary bilge - right over the dipstick, and of course there was a significant, but unknown amount of rainwater that found it's way into the tank. Making inspection impossible, there was no access hatch.

The solution - we disconnected the hose off the diesel fuel entry point, and dropped an Aquafighter finger into the tank. After 15 minutes or so, giving the finger a chance to absorb emulsified water out of the fuel, as well as free water from the bottom of the tank,  the Aquafighter was pulled out. 

Reassuringly, this showed that only a minimal amount of water was present in the fuel - The Aquafighter finger would have expanded more if there had been more water. So, no water in the fuel, no need for potentially harmful additives, and no more concerns !!

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