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Aquafighter® FAQs 

Which size Aquafighter® do I use? 

This depends on the largest opening to install Aquafighter and the size of your tank. The Slim Aquafighter line is for tanks with 4cm to 10cm openings.  The Slim Aquafighters are all 4cm to 4.5cm in width and range from 20cm to 100cm in length. 

The Anaconda Aquafighter line is for tanks with 9cm to 30cm openings.  The Anaconda Aquafighters are all 9cm in width and range from 150cm to 900cm in length. 

The Canvas Aquafighter line is for tanks with greater than 25cm openings.  The Canvas Aquafighters are 28cm in width and range from 36cm to 72cm in length. 

The Industrial Aquafighter line is for tanks with greater than 30cm openings (manhole).  The Industrial Aquafighters range from 50cm to 100cm in width and from 200cm to 800cm in length.

   Aquafighter® Medium Canvas (35cm by 27cm)

How should I use Aquafighter® in my diesel tank?

We recommend that you install Aquafighter in a clean tank. Whether it is a new tank or a recently cleaned tank, Aquafighter will sit at the bottom of the tank and remove all water that enters your tank until it is full. Whether this is water coming from the fuel delivery or the vent pipe, or even from a leak in the tank; Aquafighter has the power to get water to release from fuel molecules to keep your tank water-free and your fuel at less than 65ppm water; which is effectively zero (Not to mention far better than spec diesel).

While Aquafighter will work in tanks that are not completely clean, dirty tanks can cover and clog the Aquafighter fabric membrane and not allow the water to enter into the capture chamber. Also, Aquafighter is not magic, so it will not make the dirt and bacteria that is in your tank miraculously disappear. Multiple treatments may be needed.

In summary; start with a clean tank and Aquafighter will keep your tank clean.  

However, Aquafighter or not, you should keep your tank clean because the contamination in your tank will get into your machines. And cleaning your fuel tank can cost you a lot of money. But on the bright side, it does make some big corporations huge money. 

Is Aquafighter suitable for Petrol ?

Yes, Aquafighter works the same way with petrol, but is not effective for ethanol containing fuels.

Why do you recommend cleaning the tank before installing Aquafighter®?

The Aquafighter powder that is inside of the specially engineered fabric membrane must come in contact with the water ingress and the fuel/water mixture to cause the water to release from the fuel and to capture the water inside the membrane. If there is a lot of dirt and bacteria build-up in the tank, the Aquafighter can become buried or the dirt and bacteria can cover the fabric making it difficult or impossible for the liquid in the tank to come in contact with the active Aquafighter. In addition; whether using Aquafighter or not, cleaning a contaminated tank is a smart idea. Whatever water, dirt and bacteria that is in your tank will find its way into your machines, equipment and filters. Filter replacement, tank cleaning, additives, repairs and labor costs are so high because of these reasons. Clean your tank, install Aquafighter and enjoy simple tank maintenance and great fuel quality from now on. Below is a tank condition and Aquafighter® installation guide: 


1. Tank is clean and Fuel is in good condition with low water content: Install Aquafighter and maintain water-free conditions. Check periodically and replace Aquafighter when full or almost full and your tank will not suffer the fate of the next 3 examples.


2. Fuel has significant water content (high ppm): Aquafighter can be installed to remove bound/emulsified water. Aquafighter should be checked after two days from these conditions to see if Aquafighter is full or almost full. If it is full or almost full, replace and maintain water-free conditions.


3. Fuel and Tank have significant water content (high ppm) and significant dirt and bacteria content: Aquafighter can be installed to remove bound/emulsified water. But tank should be cleaned to prevent this dirt/bacteria from clogging filters and getting into machines. It only makes sense to care for your tank so that your fuel will treat your machines well.


4. Fuel and Tank is a Big Mess: Do not install Aquafighter in this tank. Whether you use Aquafighter or not, if your tank looks like this, you should not put this fuel in anything of value. Clean this tank properly, install Aquafighter and begin a new era of clean tank and clear & bright fuel. Aquafighter is an awesome product, but it is not magic. 

How does Aquafighter® compare to polishing diesel?

Firstly, Aquafighter prevents the very thing that polishing machines are designed to fix.  But Aquafighter is much more effective, much less expensive and doesn’t wait for disaster to take action. Secondly, Aquafighter is able to cause the separation of water molecules that are chemically connected to fuel molecules immediately upon contact.  This is what makes Aquafighter so efficient.  In contrast, fuel polishing machines use force whether through filters or a centrifuge to try to physically rip the water away from the fuel.  This accounts for the lack of efficiency in fuel polishing. Aquafighter marks the first time in the history of the world that it is possible to remove all types of water; including bound, emulsified, suspended and free water; from your fuel directly in the tank.  Expensive fuel polishing machines and fuel polishing services must first remove the fuel from the tank to clean it and even then they cannot remove water at 100% efficiency to under 200ppm.  Aquafighter removes water in the tank with 100% efficiency to less than 65ppm.  We agree, pretty amazing!

What proof do you have that Aquafighter® is this revolutionary?

In its first 2 years, Aquafighter was used exclusively with a fuel company in Europe (one of the biggest fuel companies in the world).  In this time, Aquafighter was used to remove water from more than 1,700,000 liters of "water-logged" fuel that would normally cost more than .60 USD per liter to dispose of.  (Since then we have restored an additional 1,500,000 liters of diesel for their other stations.)  Rather than dispose of this fuel, Aquafighter saved it and it was returned to the fuel station as better-than-spec diesel.  Huge money gained!  For every delivery of fuel back to the station there was a laboratory test performed to determine water content, small particle content and fuel quality.  In every one of these critical tests over this two year period, Aquafighter provided perfect fuel at less than 65ppm 100% of the time.

 In addition; Aquafighter was installed into these same fuel station tanks after fully cleaned and the 6 month check-ups showed that the fuel at the very bottom of every single tank was clear and bright 100% of the time and tested within a few ppm of 60ppm in every case.  We have also conducted testing at the renowned Saybolt Laboratories in Sweden that show 100% efficiency to less than 64ppm and in cases of more than 1 week exposure to Aquafighter, as low as 40ppm.   (The fuel in each fuel station test as well as the fuel in the Saybolt Labs tests were all B7 Diesel.  The reference sample in the Saybolt tests that was not treated with Aquafighter tested at 363ppm.)

What is the history of Aquafighter® use ?

Aquafighter was first developed in 2015 and since then more than 7,000 laboratory tests were performed that showed Aquafighter removes bound water to less than 65ppm in every single tested sample.  In addition, the first adopter of Aquafighter was a major fuel company in Europe.  In the first 2 Years with this fuel company more than 1,700,000 liters of bound water-filled fuel was recovered, treated with Aquafighter and then resold at retail.  This is massive costs savings added to massive sales gains as this prevented paying large sums to waste bad fuel and allowed for the formerly bad fuel to be made retail-sellable again.  Also, in the reporting period between September 2019 and September 2020 at the 170 fuel stations that DieselCare AS directly maintains using Aquafighter; there were a total of zero fuel complaints and a 50% reduction in pump filter usage.  That is 100% success and makes using Aquafighter a net profit for fuel stations on replacement filter saving alone.

Will Aquafighter® clean my dirty tank?

Aquafighter will not remove large pieces of dirt, it will not clean the bacteria that is currently in your tank and it will not repair already degraded diesel fuel. However, Aquafighter will remove 100% of water to an amazing 65ppm and remove approximately 90% of small particles from your fuel. It should be noted that once Aquafighter is in your tank, it will stop bacteria from growing further and prevent fuel from degrading quickly. We recommend that you clean your tank if it is dirty and that you use Aquafighter consistently so that you never have to deal with the mess that diesel bacteria creates. Don't make a mess for yourself.

Why is Aquafighter® better than the many chemicals and additives on the market?

Aquafighter is a cure for water in your tank and your fuel system as it removes water as it enters your tank and prevents it from causing any damage or growing any mold/bacteria/microbes.  Chemicals and other absorbents only treat the bad things caused by the presence of water in your tank, your fuel system and your engine.  Also, Aquafighter is completely safe to handle and contains no harsh or dangerous chemicals.  Many additives, chemicals and absorbents contain substances that are terrible for the environment, hazardous to touch and some even cause cancer, and we don't advocate putting our customers or their colleagues in harm's way. Fuel filters last much longer when Aquafighter is used.

Why would I need Aquafighter® if I have a water separator?

A water separator does not remove any water from your tank and it only removes most of the free water after it enters your fuel system.  In fact, a water separator is not made to remove bound/emulsified water and almost never will an engine manufacturer cover water damage on a warranty. It is the customer's responsibility to protect their own tank and their own engine from bound water.  But make no mistake; the manufacturers would love to sell you some OEM replacement parts. 

Does it make sense to use Aquafighter® to remove just free water that is sitting at the bottom of my tank?

Aquafighter is the most convenient, cleanest, most environmentally friendly and the fastest way to remove free water. However, in some cases we recommend that you either drain this water or suck it out because this doesn't cost money and doesn't take much time. But if circumstances dictate, Aquafighter will capture the free water in most tanks in less than 1 hour and virtually mess free.

What about other products that claim to absorb water in the tank?

There are many products on the market that go to the bottom of the tank and just absorb free water.  However, those products will only remove free water that has already fallen to the bottom of the tank.  These products will also take at least 24 hours to absorb free water, they cannot remove bound water effectively, they are often not 100% effective at absorbing free water and they often contain poisonous chemicals. (See the Aquafighter comparison to these products below)  

 Each testing tub in the comparison below contained 6 liters of diesel fuel emulsified with 250ml of water (4.17% water content or 41,700ppm).  Spec diesel in Europe is 200ppm and fuel polishing machine standard SAE J1488_201010 tests from 2500ppm water in fuel. .


 You can see "clear and bright" transparency in the Aquafighter sample within 24 hours and no change in other product sample after 36 hours.  The other product sample was given an extra 12 hours to achieve any difference, which it is unable to do as it is not a product made for removing bound water.  

How much water does Aquafighter® capture?

It depends on the Aquafighter product. We have Aquafighters that can capture and remove up to 90 liters of water.

How do I check to see if my Aquafighter® is full?

You can do any of several of the following: 

1. Control the tank with the Aquafighter Dipstick Indicator through the dipstick pipe to detect the presence of bound water. This is the easiest and most accurate method and will let you know if your main Aquafighter is full. 

2. Monitor the water separator for the first traces of water. 

3. Pull up the Aquafighter from the bottom of the tank to visually inspect. 

4. Use a dipstick refill as a bound water check.

How long will my Aquafighter® last?

Under normal circumstances and with the correct size Aquafighter for your tank, your Aquafighter will keep your tank completely water-free for at least 1 year. However, there are events such as bad fuel, high humidity and leaks that could affect this. In cases where you have excessive amounts of water in your tank; Aquafighter will clear the stated amount of water; saving expensive damage, downtime, cleaning and repairs.

How do I dispose of Aquafighter® after it has been used?

Aquafighter should be disposed of in "special waste", at your local auto parts store, or in any place oil filters and other similar products are disposed.

Will Aquafighter® damage my fuel?

No. In fact, Aquafighter will make your fuel better than it was when it left the refinery.

Should I worry about the Aquafighter® expanding too much?

No. The Aquafighter fabric membrane is designed to resist expansion. This is designed so that there is zero risk of removing it from the tank when it is full. As long as you follow the Aquafighter guidelines for proper access hole size you can leave Aquafighter in your tank for many years and still be able to retrieve it easily through the same hole.

Should I worry about the Aquafighter® tearing or breaking?

No. Unless you deliberately cut it, alter it or violently yank it across a knife sharp edge; the Aquafighter will not break. The Aquafighter fabric is strong and durable and will keep the gel enclosed inside.

How much does Aquafighter® cost?

Aquafighter is the absolute most effective and most affordable solution to keep your diesel tank completely water-free. In almost all cases, it is the only solution to keep your tank free from all water, including bound water, at all times. The cost ranges from between $130 - 450 depending on the size.

What is bound water in diesel fuel?   

Bound water is water that is attached to molecules of diesel fuel that do not fall to the bottom of the tank and will not be separated by a water separator.   With even 1% of bio-diesel added to petroleum diesel, bound water is absorbed into the fuel at a much higher rate and becomes a significantly bigger threat to your engine and fuel system.  You can identify bound water as it makes the fuel cloudy and difficult to see through.

 What is bio-bound water?

Biodiesel has up to 25 times higher moisture saturation than petroleum diesel. With the introduction of any amount of biofuel into diesel, bound water becomes much more prevalent. In fact, biofuel significantly raises the saturation point of fuel even with a small percentage of added biofuel. In summary: More bio-fuel content = More bound water content.                      

How does bound water affect my tank and fuel system?

Bound water is water and does all the damage that water does to anything. It will rust the tank, it will damage metal parts in your engine and fuel system, it will cause your engine to run wonky, it could make you engine die, it can cause your fuel to degrade faster, it will grow mold and bacteria and many other not excellent things.  

How can I get rid of bound water?  

Since bound water cannot be simply drained from the tank, there are really only 3 options:    

  • You can hire a fuel polishing company who will bring a truck out to your tank, pump your bad fuel and your good fuel out of your tank, proce$$ your fuel through a centrifuge and/or run it through a filter or 2 or 3 or maybe more and then pump the polished fuel back into your dirty tank.  Not an awesome option, but we understand if you want to subsidize the mortgage of your fuel polisher’s summer house. 
  • You can just run the high water-content fuel through your engine and wish for the best.  This one is an exciting game of Russian roulette for engine. 
  • You can keep Aquafighter® active in your tank at all times and never have to worry about water ever again.  Sure we invented Aquafighter, but #3 seems like the perfect choice for everyone.

Can bound water cause bacteria and diesel bug? 

Absolutely.  Water, both bound and free provide the oxygen that starts bacteria colonies and fuels its rapid growth. You can see a common discovery in fuel filters and fuel tanks in the pictures below. Keeping Aquafighter active in your tank at all times will prevent this bacteria mess from happening in your tank and wasting your filters.    

How does Aquafighter® prevent bacteria and diesel bug?

Aquafighter removes all water from the tank so there is no oxygen for bacteria to multiply and grow.     


Why is Aquafighter® called a “Step-1 Solution?”

Aquafighter is a “Step-1 Solution” because it completely removes water at the first step in the fuel delivery process, which is in your tank. As water is introduced into your fuel tank, Aquafighter neutralizes it. In fact; water will be eliminated before it can cause damage to your tank, pump, fuel system or engine.    

Can I trust Aquafighter® to clean water out of my fuel in the tank?  

Aquafighter is scientifically proven in a lab, in vehicle fuel tanks as well as in fuel station tanks.  Aquafighter will remove all water, purifying the diesel fuel to better-than-spec.  However; if your fuel has already degraded, Aquafighter nor any other machine or magic potion is able to restore this fuel.  Your best option is to get Aquafighter in your tank immediately and give yourself the absolute best fuel protection on Earth.  


Can I put Aquafighter® into a tank that hasn't been cleaned?   

Yes, of course. But a significant presence of dirt and bacteria can block the Aquafighter fabric, preventing the Aquafighter powder from having full contact with your fuel. It is always best to operate with a clean tank and Aquafighter will help keep your tank clean and fuel pure as long as you keep it active in your tank.         

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